Three Balance offers users a variety of massage techniques from different disciplines and schools of this activity.  These are adapted to be implemented in the work environment with the purpose of relieving pains, contractions and discomforts caused by sedentary lifestyle and bad postures.


Masaje Shiatzu01 Shiatzu massages.
This technique works on key points of the body and succeeds in relaxing the muscles of the back, arms and neck, closely involved in the daily work routine. This massage is performed on an ergonomic chair.
Masaje Tai02 Thai
This massage is done on a mat, and it is based on stretching and exerting pressure on key points of the body, which allows stretching muscles and releasing contractions.
Reflexologia01 Reflexology
This massage stimulates specific points on feet and hands that act on the nervous system and produce benefits in different organs of the body. Reflexology alleviates, among others, head, back and neck pains.
massage-ball01 Massage Ball ™
Massage ball entails a combination of massage techniques applied on an exercising ball. This technique aims at relaxing muscle groups of the back and neck, preventing pains and contractions. The ball introduces an innovative and original tool, which facilitates stretching and relaxation techniques.
Masaje kinesiologico01 Physical Therapy Massage
Therapeutic massage performed by a Physiotherapist, which aims at alleviating pains and contractions throughout the body.